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Worship Service


Service on the Lord’s Day is devoted to God-centered worship, preaching God's Word, prayer, and the fellowship of the saints. These things train our hearts, inform our minds, and shape God's people (Acts 2:42). We do not aim to shape the church around people, but to shape people with the truth in church.


Our worship is intentionally God-centered. This means two things. First, the music and singing are not entertainment, but praise. The point of worship is for the congregation to join in one voice and sing about the worthiness, glory, and greatness of God in Christ. Therefore, and second, we are deliberate with our song selection. The songs we sing point away from ourselves and point to God as the only one deserving honor and glory. The point of worship is not to receive, but to ascribe to God "acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:28–29).


Preaching in our church primarily takes the form of biblical exposition; the opening, explaining, and application of God’s Word. It is the Word itself that penetrates the depths of a person, and biblical exposition relies on the inherent power of God’s Word to shape His church (Hebrews 4:12–13; Psalm 110:105).


A devoted fellowship of saints is not simply found, but forged. The church in Acts “devoted themselves…to the fellowship” (Acts 2:42). That is, they committed themselves to an identifiable group of people. This devotion worked itself out tangible ways as they shared their possessions “as any had need” (v. 25), “breaking bread in their homes” (v. 46), and “praising God” together (v. 47).

In our church we aim to forge this kind of fellowship in three ways. First, the greeting time in service is intentional. It is meant to promote a spiritual kinship in our church. Second, meeting in homes for Bible studies and prayer extends our relationship beyond the Sunday service. Third, through membership we formally commit to pray for one another, serve one another, edify one another, and lock arms together in the mission of the church (Matthew 28:20).


Following the singing and prayer of praise, children aged 0-7 will be dismissed to our Children’s Ministry classroom. Parents must accompany their child to sign them in.


Infants and toddlers (0-3) have an area to play, a selection of toys, and are cared for by our dedicated nursery-care personnel. Early learners (4-7) will enjoy a period of doctrinally rich teachings that cover the Bible in its chronological order. In all this, we strive to plant seeds of Truth in our children's hearts, preparing them to be members of the congregation.

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