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Recommended Reading

Basic Christianity 

What is the Gospel.jpg

A clear and memorable presentation of the gospel. 

gospels power and message.jpg

Bold and convicting.

Basic Christianity.jpg

Classic presentation of Christ, sin, the cross, and the Christian life.

union with christ.jpg

Simply a must read. Illuminates the essence of salvation.

Basic Discipleship 

Little Book.jpg

Explains the purpose of salvation and living for God.


A humble and probing call to live for God more fully. 

habits of grace.jpg

Perhaps the best intro to spiritual disciplines available.

spirit of the.jpg

A profound explanation of  growth into Christlikeness

Basic Theology


Deep and devotional study of God's nature.

according to plan.jpg

Excellent study of salvation history culminating in Christ.

knowing jesus.jpg

Shows how the history and hope of Israel is fulfilled in Christ.

systematic theology.jpg

Excellent intro to doctrine.


family shepherds.jpg

Guidance for husbands and fathers on leading the family.

family worship.jpg

Clear guidance for doing family devotions.

m is for mama.jpg

Recaptures the purspose and beauty of motherhood.

gospel house key.jpg

A great encouragement to Christian hospitality


mere Christianity.jpg

Classic exposition of the logic of Christianity.

Case for resurrection.jpg

Excellent intro to the historical evidence for the resurrection 

Why should I trust.jpg

Explains what the Bible is and why we should trust it.

Reasonable faith.jpg

Scholarly defense of the Christian worldview.

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