• Eric Lloyd

Living Sacrifice – Spiritual Growth Campaign Week 1

How do I pursue intimacy and fellowship with God? How do I strive for holiness (Hebrews 12:14), and how exactly does one “train for godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7)? Last Sunday we began our Spiritual Growth Campaign which seeks to give answers to these important questions. I have come to believe that the key to pursuing God and godliness lies in the gifts that God has given us in Christ:

  • God has made me live, so I can live for Him (Salvation)

  • God has spoken, so I will listen (God’s Word)

  • God has torn the curtain, so I can enter His presence as a son (Prayer)

  • God has made me part of Christ’s body, so I can belong (Fellowship)

  • God has sent me, so I can go and make an eternal contribution to His Kingdom (Evangelism)

  • God has blessed me, so I can be a blessing (Stewardship)

The reality of God’s gifts lead the Christian to respond by reading His Word, praying, fellowshipping in a local church, evangelizing, and intentionally stewarding our resources. These practices have been called “spiritual disciplines” or “habits of grace” throughout the history of the church, and it is my conviction that God has given us these gifts as a means to pursue God and godliness. I once heard Paul Washer exhort an audience of pastors to seek after God “until His presence is just as real to you as the presence of other people in the room.” I want that. I want that kind of awareness of God’s presence. I long for that sort of intimate communion with Him. How can I pursue this? I believe that God’s gifts – the habits of grace – are the key. These are lifelines that God has given us to link up with the stream of His ongoing grace, these are means to strive for holiness, tools to bring our lives to bear on devotion to Him. Last Sunday I challenged our members to take the first step in intentionally orienting their lives around the pursuit of God through crafting a Rule of Life. A Rule of Life is a plan for spiritual growth where one develops rhythms and routines that orient our hearts around God and His Kingdom. Rather than living the Christian life randomly or haphazardly, a Rule of Life is a plan for living which brings the freedom of order and structure to your pursuit of God. If this sounds like something you need (I know I do), here is the worksheet I put together for our members. I encourage you to create your own Rule of Life in the pursuit of God. Also check out this week’s sermon below. Towards the end I explain how to craft your own Rule of Life.

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